Programa de Fortalecimiento al Régimen Electoral en Honduras, 2003-2007 Asdi-OEA

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Sida Evaluation
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Juan C- Castaldi , Gloria Noreña , Marco Handal , Ramón Izaguirre
The object of this evaluation is the "Program to Strengthen the Honduras Electoral Regime 2003 - 2007". The program is comprised by the provisions of two technical assistances; one for Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) and the other for the National Registry of Persons (RNP). Each one had five projects oriented to support institutional strengthening and for the fulfillment of institutional functions. The findings, conclusions and recommendations of the Swedish support to the OAS program should be used by the stakeholders to identify the possible future approach, objectives, priorities and activities so that effective support can be made available by the cooperation agencies - OAS and Sida - to promote electoral and political reforms in Honduras.

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