Programme of Cooperation between the Government of Sri Lanka and UNICEF

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Sida Evaluation
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Hug Goyderm Alison Lochhead , Lalili Rajapaksa , Raghav Regmi , Frank Noij
This evaluation of UNICEF's Country Programme of Co-operation (CPC) with the Government of Sri Lanka from 2002-6 was commissioned by the UNICEF Country Offi ce in Sri Lanka in late 2006 to provide a basis for the planning of its programme for the period 2008-12. The evaluation aims to provide an objective assessment of UNICEF's performance in the period 2002-6, and it focuses in particular on the effectiveness of programmes, the capacity that they have been able to build, Monitoring & Evaluation, and the remaining capacity 'gaps'. The objectives of the evaluation are the following: 1. Assess the capacity of partners and UNICEF personnel to implement strategies and activities of projects at the different levels of implementation as identifi ed by the CPC within an human rightsbased approach to programming. 2. Evaluate to the extent to which the planned results are achieved and are likely to be sustained within each of the programme areas of the CPC. 3. Assess the cost effectiveness of programmes or selected projects of the CPC. 4. Identify gaps in design and planning of projects that constrained sustainability of implemented programmes

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