Swedish Democracy Promotion through NGOs in Bolivia, Guatemala, Nicaragua and Peru

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Sida Evaluation
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Charlotta Widmark , Staffan Löfving , Roddy Brett , Victor Caballero , Miguel Gonzalez , Cecilia Salazar , Fernanda Soto
This is an evaluation of Diakonia´s Latin America programme. It includes eigth of Diakonia's partner organisations in Bolivia, Peru, Nicaragua and Guatemala. The overall objective of the programme is democracy promoiton at the loacl level, and the projects primarily involve capacity developement of civil soceity organisations. The focus of the evlautaion is on intermediary outcomes, broadly defined: what has actually happened as a result of the projects? The methodology includes repeated interviews with beneficiaries during a period of one and a half year and the evaluation conciously approaches results from a strictly beneficiary perspective. The evaluation hence produces a more in-depth and holistic understanding of outcomes than is often the case.

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