Sida Funded Initiatives Targeted at Gender Equality in Georgia

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Abriela Byron , Ruth Jacobson , Nino Saakashvili
The purpose of the evaluation was to assess the results of Sida funded intiatives targeted at enhancing gender equality and gender equality in peace processes in Georgia, in order to provide Sida with guidance on its future strategy. Five projects were evaluated, spanning over support to women's organisations, women's empowerment, women's participation in decision making, national machinery for gender equality, gender training of Internally displaced persons and women's participation in peace processes. Projects were implemented by UNDP, UNIFEM, Kvinna till Kvinna and the Norwegian Refugee Council over a time period of 2003-2007. The projects were evaluated on the basis of their own expected results regarding gender equality and peace, as well as sustainability and relevance. Athough most projects made significant progress in reaching their objectives, some suffered from highly unfavourable conditions and/or poor planning and gender analysis which limited their achievements. The overall impact of the projects was also assessed.

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