Pobreza rural y desarrollo

Evaluacion de las Estrategias de Reduccion de Pobreza en America Latina - 2007 Resumen Ejecutivo del Informe Temático

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Cristobal Kay , Rene Escoto , Orlando Lara , Jose Antonio Peres , Lorenzo Pellegrini
The 2007 reports, as the final reports in this series, are somewhat different from the reports of previous years, in which recent developments in the PRS process were presented in great detail. The 2007 country reports and regional report present a longer-term view of the PRS experience, and thus take into consideration the entire PRS period as well as the years preceding the start of the PRS Process. The goal has been to draw lessons and identify trends in foreign aid during the last 12 years. The thematic report also takes a longer-term view on rural development policies in each country and, as a result, does not discuss in detail all of the most recent developments in this sector.  

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