Cooperación Internacional y Ejecución Nacional: ¿Importa la Calidad?

Evaluacion de las Estrategias de Reduccion De Pobreza en America Latina - 2007 Informe País - Honduras

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Niel de Jong , Rafael del Cid , Kees Biekart , Geske Dijkstra
Honduras prepared its Poverty Reduction Strategy (PRS) or Estrategia para la Reducción de Pobreza (ERP) in 2000-2001, as a prerequisite for receiving interim debt service relief in the context of the 1999 Enhanced HIPC Initiative. Debt relief became final in April 2005 when the country reached the Completion Point. As this is the fifth and final study in this series, we ask ourselves what the general outcomes of the PRS process in Honduras have been. We examine whether the process - and the donors' focus on poverty - have improved the willingness and the capacity of governments to reduce poverty and whether this effort has in fact contributed to poverty reduction.  

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