Lessons Learnt on Sustainable Forest Management in Africa, Sustainable Forest Management Phase II

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Sida Evaluation
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Thorsten Celander
The activities in the project" Lessons learnt on Sustainable Forest Management in Africa, SFM Phase II" was aimed at establishing a new forest organization named the African Forest Forum - an idea that was proposed in the first phase. The project has also been active in disseminating the knowledge generated through a comprehensive set of studies in the first phase. A third important ambition was to develop project proposals based on the outcome from SFM I. The main purpose of the evaluation was to evaluate the overall performance and relevance of the SFM II project and to assess a proposal and request for support from Sida submitted by the African Forest Forum, AFF. The major findings were that the one of the objectives had already been accomplished at the time of the evaluation, one was likely to be accomplished to a significant extent, while last objectives would be partially accomplished. The assessment of the proposal from AFF was in generally positive with some reservations though. An important lesson mentioned was the need for engagement from key actors in process oriented projects that are potentially useful in a broader development.

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