Five Regional Institutions Based in South Africa Working in the Field of Peace and Security in Africa Final Report

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Sida Evaluation
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Stefan Jansen , Julian Brett , Cécile Collin , Kwesi Aning
An evaluation of the role and impact of five regional institutions (research and knowledgebased NGOs) based in South Africa working in the field of peace and security.Sweden has provided core support to the five institutions to enhance their institutional capacity and to support their work in promoting peace and security on the African continent. Four of the organisations - ACCORD, CCR, ISS and SAIIA - focus on providing applied research in different aspects of the wide field of African peace and security.From the perspective of government, donors and other stakeholders, the independent knowledge and sparring the institutions generate contributes to a deeper understanding of the complex terrain of conflict prevention, human security and promotion of peace. As such, ACCORD, CCR and ISS and to a lesser extent IJR are also contributing actively to broader continental and international processes, including through the UN system, the African Union and certain of the African Regional Eco-nomic Communities.

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