Experiences and Lessons Learnt from Sida's Work with Human Rights and Democratic Governance

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Sida Evaluation
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Tom Dahl-Østergaard , Karin Schulz , Barbro Svedberg
This report analyses 31 evaluations and studies from ten years' of Sida's work with human rights and democratic governance (HR&DG). The study shows a fairly high degree of achievement. A range of outputs are observed: training, policies, guidelines, studies, and information campaigns. Outcomes (short/medium-term) are also evident: capacity built, changed attitudes, dialogue promoted, better access to justice and improved awareness of HR issues. A key lesson learnt is the importance of careful project design and effective monitoring; there is a strong correlation between projects with clear objectives and high achievement. Similarly, projects that were well adapted to the local conditions proved to have much higher rates of accomplishment.

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