Environmental Sustainable Support to Civil Society in Asia, Africa and Latin America

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Sida Evaluation
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Hans Peter Dejgaard , Hans Hessel-Andersen , Maria del Socorro Peñaloza , Emelia Arthur , Sunitha Bisan
SSNC is one of 14 Swedish NGOs that have entered into framework agreements with Sida. The purpose of this evaluation is to assess the relevance and results of SSNC's development cooperation in relation to the objectives of Sida/SEKA and of SSNC. Moreover, the evaluation should serve as a learning tool, suggesting possible improvements. Projects in Thailand, Malaysia, Senegal, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Ecuador and Peru ahs been studied. The projects examined by the evaluation team seem to be effective, relevant and sustainable to varying degrees. In all the eight countries, the activities of SSNC-supported projects are clearly orientated towards reducing poverty and strengthening civil society. There are abundant examples of how Southern partners operationalise the linkages between poverty reduction and improved natural resource management, while enhancing the local civil society. SSNC's partners generally know how to facilitate community participation.

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