Mid Term Review of Sida/Lake Victoria Initiative Support to Community-Based Strategies for the Management of the Environment and Resources of Lake Victoria (COSMER-LAV) 2005-2008

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Sida Evaluation
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Irene Karani , Mike Wekesa
The Community Based Strategies for Management of the Environment and Resources of Lake Victoria was a programme implemented by Osienala, a Kenyan based NGO working in collaboration with partners drawn from Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The overall objective of the programme was to reduce environmental degradation and promote sustainable management of resources by empowering people to effectively participate and assert their rights in all issues that affect them. This was to be realized through four broad areas: industrial waste management and pollution control; improvement of sanitary facilities, safe domestic water and urban agriculture; community-based compassionate HIV/AIDS management; OSIENALA Capacity Building. The review found this programme to be highly relevant to the EAC Vision, the Swedish Strategy on Lake Victoria, the EAC protocol on Sustainable development of the Lake Basin and Osienala's strategic plan.

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