Kampala City Council - A Project for Promoting Ecological Sanitation in Kampala, Uganda

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Sida Evaluation
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John Carlsen , Jens Vad , Simon Peter Otoi
Sida has supported the promotion of EcoSan in Kampala City Council (KCC) since 2002 through the Lake Victoria Programme. Ecological sanitation is based on the principle that urine, faeces and waste water are resources in the ecological cycle (loop). The Kampala EcoSan Project makes use of dry toilets to separate urine from faeces and through recycling, and makes proper use of the two to support crop production. Important characteristics of this type of EcoSan are separation at source, efficient destruction of pathogenic organisms and recycling of urine and faeces, thereby 'closing the loop'.Based upon an assessment of the Needs and the Potential of EcoSan to provide solutions Sida and KCC in 2000 agreed to develop a Project Document with assistance of an International Consultant who submitted his report late in 2001.

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