Performance Analyses of the Cooperation between Swedish Radio and Radio Republic Indonesia, 2000-2005

Publication date:
Sida Evaluation
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Madeleine Elmqvist , Lars Rylander , Lukas Luwarso
Sida is in the process of developing a new cooperation strategy for the development cooperation with Indonesia. An assessment of the present and former country strategy is seen as important for the development of a new strategy. The project objective for the pilot project was defined as "Introducing advice and training in the process of developing a public service broadcasting concept through seminars and practical work, starting new radio programs". The project objective was formulated within an overall framework of "assisting in the process of introducing public service broadcasting based on the principles of an independent radio distanced from all vested interests, available for everybody, a radio that is providing information, education and entertainment, and is reflecting different tastes and interests in society".

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