Harmonization with the EU - a priority in Swedish support

Support to key initiatives in Eastern Europe in the process of transition to democracy and a market economy

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Marianne Engblom
Bosnia and Herzegovina's ambition is to become a member of the EU but it must first implement major reforms. Sida is contributing to this process, for example by providing support to Bosnian municipalities. Local government administrations are being aligned with EU standards and the citizens are being given greater influence over policies. In addition to Bosnia and Herzegovina, nine other countries are included in the Swedish reform cooperation programme: Albania, Belarus, Georgia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Moldova, Serbia, Ukraine and Turkey. In 2008 the reform cooperation programme amounted to more than SEK 1.3 billion. Halting environmental degradation and contributing to environment-friendly solutions are essential parts of the programme. Democracy, human rights, health and gender are other principal areas for support.

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