Sida Evaluation of the Foundation Propaz: Evaluation Report

Publication date:
Sida Review
Series number:
Stefan Jansen , Mayra Barrios
The evaluation consists of two main parts. First, it assesses the extent to which Foundation Propaz, a Guatemalan CSO, had achieved the objectives set out in the 2005-2008 Strategic Plan and wider contributed to prevent violent conflict and building peace in Guatemala. Second, the evaluation team elaborates recommendations for Propaz to enhance the achievements of results and effectiveness. The evaluation assessed Propaz to be a relevant actor in Guatemala demonstrating a number of important results in the areas of resolution and mitigation of conflicts. However, greater focus in terms of objectives and expected results would improve effectiveness and enhance the impact of activities. Being dependent on the funds of one donor - Sida - improving financial sustainability was raised as a critical issue for the future of the organization.

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