Anti-Corruption Approaches A Literature Review

Publication date:
Joint Evaluation
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Arne Disch , Endre Vigeland , Geir Sundet
The literature review surveyed about 150 studies from an overall bibliography of nearly 800 studies: books, journal articles, and publicly available documents and reports from UN agencies, the World Bank, bilateral donors, NGOs and academics.The literature can identify few success stories when it comes to the impact of donor supported anti-corruption efforts. Particularly the specialised anti-corruption interventions have registered little progress, though originally this was the approach preferred due to the positive results attained by Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC). This,however, hinged on strong political support, legal frameworks and a court system that worked the will and capacity to pursue corruption through enforcement. But it is exactly the absence of these factors that is seen as key challenges in many countries.

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