External Assessment of the Sida Supported Research Cooperation Project:Information Communication Technology (ICT) at Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, UMSA, La Paz, Bolivia

Publication date:
Sida Review
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FF Tusubira , Nora Mulira , Ali Ndwalana
The report provides an independent analysis of the UMSA-ICT program which has been supported by Sida’s bilateral research cooperation with Bolivia since 2003. The assessment and findings presented in this report include among other; the overall ­impact of the ICT program at an institutional level, the impact to the UMSA research community, training and education, ­administration, and library functions. Furthermore, the report includes a discussion of the manner in which this program has influenced the local introduction and development of Internet access at the university, the local development of ICT technical expertise, as well as the local demand for and use of on-line resources and e-learning.

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