Trapca - Trade policy training centre in Africa

Publication date:
Sida Review
Series number:
Bent Larsen , Mark Pearson
Active participation in international trade contributes to economic growth which is a prerequisite for developing countries’ possibilities to reduce poverty. To strengthen the LDCs’ capacity in the area of trade policy, Sida supports the establishment of trapca –Trade Policy Training Centre in Africa - in Arusha, Tanzania. The institution provides vocational and academic training in trade policy through a Masters Programme and short courses. The programme is implemented as a partnership between the pan-African intergovernmental organization ESAMI and Lund University. The overall conclusion of the Mid term Review, carried through in April 2009, is that the trapca programme is needed in an LDC and SSA developing context. The trapca institution is found to be generally well managed and activities are executed on time and at costs.

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