Evaluation of the Swedish-Norwegian Regional HIV/AIDS Team for Africa

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Sida Evaluation
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Peris Jones , Siri B. Hellevik , Aadne Aasland , Berit Aasen
The overall objective of the HIV/AIDS Team is to contribute to poverty alleviation by strengthening regional organisations and embassies in relation to prevention and impact mitigation of HIV/AIDS. The assessment of results and achievements can therefore not be concentrated on the Team itself, but has to include and pay particular attention to the supported partner organisations and the outcomes of their work with the target groups. The evaluation was to cover the main goals, objectives and working areas of the Team from 2006 until 2008. Other elements to explore throughout the evaluation were the Team’s regional dimension as well as its internal organisation and management. The collaboration of Sweden and Norway through the Team was found to have created added value. However, both partners could achieve more at bilateral and global levels by drawing on the Team’s unique regional experience in a more strategic way. Added value from the regional approach was identified particularly in terms of capacity building and political influence. Many of the regional partners are involved in meaningful work in relation to regional responses to HIV/AIDS and are contributing to strengthening local organisations through networking, capacity building and training. The communities visited by the evaluators demonstrated capacity that had been built through the TEAM’s support to regional organisations.

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