Cooperation Programme between the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency - MSCP 2005-2009

Publication date:
Sida Review
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John Markie , Nguyen Tu Sien
The MARD-Sida Cooperation Programme (MSCP) was intended to facilitate the implementation of the 2000-2010 Comprehensive Poverty Reduction and Growth Strategy (CPRGS) in line with the national socio-economic development plan 2006-2010. The Programme was specifically tasked with enhancing the capacity of MARD: for policy dialogue with donors; improved coordination of donor support by strengthening the partnerships under MARD’s auspices. The MSCP has made a unique contribution in facilitating a process in MARD to develop a “vision” for the ministry. A process was undertaken, which for the first time in Vietnam, initiated a dialogue among senior managers on the future orientation of the ministry. There has also been a contribution to the sustainability of an independent source of policy thinking to the senior management of MARD through the Institute of Policy and Strategy for Agriculture and Rural Development (IPSARD).

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