Evaluación Externa de la Implementación del Programa de Atención, Asesoramiento y Fortalecimiento a la Gestión Municipal y Control Social en Bolivia

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Sida Decentralised Evaluations (Sida Review)
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Carlos Romero , José Waldo Castro , Hugo Arévalo , Nelson Machicao
This evaluation studies a pilot program executed by the Bolivian investment fund FPS. In order to allow poor and incapable municipalities to present development projects to the fund, a range of activities were put in place by the PAAF (as the project was called), including help-desks and training events. In the end, the evaluation finds some evidence of an effect on public investments in these municipalities, but runs into problems of attribution. Even so, it is rather appreciative of the project, while noting that it should be strengthened in terms of results management and focus.

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