Enhancing Research Capacity at Makerere University, Uganda through collaboration with Swedish Universities, 2000-2008:Past Experiences and Future Direction: Annexes

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Sida Review
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Phyllis Freeman , Eva Johansson , Jerker Thorvaldsson
Swedish research cooperation with Uganda is aimed at building up sustainable institutional research capacity in order for Uganda to have its own knowledge base to address national problems. To contribute to the establishment of a coherent agenda for research and research training, support has been focused at Makerere University (MU). The evaluation found MU has advanced in research capacity and transformed the research environment on campus using external funding to which Sida has contributed. The achievements are remarkable given major deficits in central administrative functions to support research and research education. Collaboration with Swedish universities have markedly enhanced supervision, publication in the science disciplines, and preparation of a new generation of research mentors for PhD and Master students. Despite the success of the program, a number of issues needs to be resolved for MU to achieve its great potential for further gains in building research capacity, these include; deficits in university administration, financial management, and program governance.

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