Systems-Based Audit of the LO-TCO Secretariat

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Lennart Gustafsson , Sören Häggroth , Stina Waern , Lina Lenefors , Arne Svensson
The system-based audit of the LO-TCO Secretariat for International Trade Union Development Cooperation (LO-TCO) was carried out during 2009 by Professional Management, a Swedish consultancy firm. The aim of the audit was to assess LO-TCO’s systems for operational and financial management.The consultants found that LO-TCO’s mission is clear and comprehensive. The fact that LO-TCO works within established international trade union structures rather than creating parallel structures was seen as a major strength of the development co-operation. LO-TCO should develop its capacity for results-based management and enhance its methods and tools in this field. While LOTCO’s co-operation agreements with partners contain clear and appropriate reporting criteria, the consultants noted that reports tend to be activity-based with insufficient analysis of outcome and impact. The consultants overall conclusion was that LO-TCO’s systems for operational and financial management are relevant and reliable and implemented on all levels within the development cooperation.

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