Learning Study on the Achievements and Experiences of Projects on Inter-Ethnic Education and Youth Work in Macedonia

Publication date:
Sida Review
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Joakim Anger , Rogier A. van’t Rood , Zhaklina Gestakovska
This is a participatory study and learning process of the achievements and experiences of four projects on inter-ethnic education and youth work in Macedonia supported by Sweden during the last 5-8 years. In general, the projects appear to have had an effect on immediate stakeholders (learners/teachers/parents) including positively changed attitudes. At the societal and political levels, it is more difficult to identify changes and impact. The overall trends towards greater segregation continues.The needed institutionalization and replication of the approaches developed by the projects have yet to be achieved. A real interest and commitment by the Government in these CSO-based attempts remains a challenge, although some headway has been made by most of the projects at local (municipal) level. In addition much more cooperation and exchange between the CSO:s involved – based on comparative advantages and profiles - would also have enhanced impact and replication of the approaches developed – and thereby also the sustainability both of results and the organizations concerned. Thus, one important lesson learnt for the future is that strategies, approaches and modalities to involve both the Government both at central and local levels and for interaction with similar initiatives and civil society organizations would need considerable and consistent attention.

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