Evaluation of Support to the Civil Society in the Western Balkans

Publication date:
Sida Review
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Annika Nilsson , Joakim Anger , Jim Newkirk
The Ministry of Science and Technology (MCT) created in 2005 is a central organ of the Government tasked to regulate, plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate activities related to science and technology in Mozambique. From the onset of its creation, MCT was committed to develop the National Research System and to create a National Research Fund. Sida’s contribution to MCT of 15.4 MSEK for the period 2007–2009 was directed to the research and innovation activities managed by MCT. within the National Research System. An in-depth assessment of Sida’s support to MCT was carried out in 2010. The assessment was very positive and Sida is recommended to continue the support to MCT with focus on the National Research Fund, FNI.

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