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16-year-old Muhammad Mzaill from Syria (centre) has started a magazine together with two classmates.

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World Refugee Day: Young Syrian asks for lasting political solutions

Updated: 20 June 2017

16-year-old Muhammad Mzaill from Syria lives in the Jordanian refugee camp of Azraq. On World Refugee Day, 20 June, 2017, he delivered a speech reminding the international community of the plight of Syrians.

Muhammad Mzaill lives with his mother and four sisters. His father was killed in the war. He goes to school in Azraq with hopes of becoming a journalist and together with two schoolmates he has started his own magazine.

On a field visit to Azraq in 2017, Sida met Muhammad and got his permission to publish the speech that he delivered on Word Refugee Day, 20 June.

"Excellent dignitaries, ladies and gentlemen

A warm good morning to all of you.

In the last weeks, you have showed great desire to make this celebration possible, I am so grateful to allowing me the chance to speak out my opinion frankly to highlight the suffering and the ordeal of the refugees.

Giving me the chance to deliver a speech in front of you is a very good mark that there is still a great part of sympathy and a way of sharing our heart-breaking stories of refugees. It gives me the impression that we are still in the backyards of your minds.

Welcome to the celebration of the World Refugee Day.

Today marks another new dawn in the human mentality history towards refugees.

Celebrating the World Refugee Day every year on the 20th of June will support millions of families all over the world who lost their homes and dear ones because of war.

It is also a way of honouring refugees for their courage of coping with life diversity and problems.

Moreover, it proved an opportunity to all to help the refugees worldwide to rebuild their quality of life through lifesaving services, assistance, safety protection by the government and by agencies and organizations.

In addition to that, reminding people about all the failures of the international community which forced loss of families to leave their homes and go to another place to save their lives. It’s also a chance to do big steps to immediate support to all the humanitarian needs of the refugees to fully control the refugee’s conditions.

With the eyes of the world upon the refugees, I ask you to send a legend of empowerment and a tale that hope will always conquer fear.

Observing seven years since the start of the Syrian crisis, shows how refugees experience of bombing and sniper fire and violence has shaped their view of the world.

I think that the most significant issue related to the Syrian refugees is the fact that the world leaders and their electorates must agree on a lasting political solution to the never-ending conflict as well as a solution for millions of Syrians forced to flee their homes,

Another important issue that must be under consideration is the humanitarian access. Aid agencies are experiencing at saving people’s life’s.

Four and a half million people in Syria are living in hard to reach or besieged areas and were times when the agencies must suspend their work because the environment was too dangerous and the staff often put their lives on the line every time they go out to help, especially when aid convoys have been targeted.

Finally, I hope that the war in Syria will be over and that many Syrian refugee families will be able to reclaim their homes, and I would like to thank you for bearing with me for so long."

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