En pojke bakom ett stängsel håller upp ett vitt papper.

An image from the Qalandia checkpoint, which controls Palestinian access to East Jerusalem and Israel.

Photo: Ahed Izhiman for UNDP/PAPP

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Harmonizing Palestinian legislation with international law

Updated: 6 February 2017

One of the challenges facing the Palestinian justice sector is the relationship between international law and the State of Palestine. Johan Schaar, head of Sweden's development cooperation with Palestine, co-writes an article detailing both challenges and possible solutions.

The article is published in the February edition of This Week in Palestine under the title: Harmonizing Palestinian Legislation with International Law.

Sweden's support to the Palestinian justice sector has been ongoing for more than a decade and has evolved through the years from a focus on police training to cover the entire justice sector.

Sawasya (equal) is the name of a current and comprehensive program in the justice sector in Palestine, implemented jointly by UNDP and UN Women and funded by Sweden, the Netherlands and the EU. The overall purpose of the programme is to develop and maintain the conditions for a viable Palestinian state governed by the rule of law and to provide equal access to the law.

The external conditions for a favourable development of the justice sector is incomplete to say the least, due to a democratic deficit, the geographical division of the country and because of the Israeli occupation.

However, there are bright spots in the dark, such as the fact that Palestine now has 19 prosecutors specializing in gender-related crime and that the police has developed and adopted their first gender-equality strategy and associated implementation plan.

The February edition of This Week in Palestine is a special issue sponsored by Sawasya, and includes articles written by various Palestinian authors working within the justice and security sectors. The articles highlight some of the thorny challenges of the State of Palestine in the months and years ahead.

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