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Civil Society Days 2017

Updated: 12 September 2017

On September 20 – 22 up to 300 representatives of civil society organisations, donors, political actors, UN bodies, and academia, will meet at Sida's head office in Stockholm to discuss an 'Active Space Defence'. The focus is how to work in contexts of shrinking space for civil society activists and organisations.

The event's main purpose is to exchange experiences and practices to inspire participants to make progressive change happen.

The Stockholm Civil Society days is co-organised by Sida and CONCORD Sweden, a platform of 61 CSOs for global development aiming at influencing development policies in Sweden and the EU, towards a sustainable world. CONCORD Sweden is the Swedish platform of CONCORD, the European CSO confederation for relief and development.

More information on the programme is available on the event website.

Select list of events

Exploring holy and unholy alliances – why religion matters in combating shrinking civic space – hosted by the Swedish Mission Council

Switching gears: Imagine you are someone else! Shift positions between CSO, donor and partner country government representative – hosted by the Task Team on CSO Development Effectiveness and Enabling Environment

Sustaining Dialogue in Shrinking Spaces: A tested approach – hosted by Life&Peace Institute

Walking a Tightrope: Advocacy groups balancing foreign support and local legitimacy – hosted by Oxfam

Flipping the equation: using experiences of shrinking space to design tomorrow's resilient civic impact – hosted by Civicus

Counter-strategies to shrinking space – for practitioners in civil society development cooperation – hosted by CONCORD Sweden's Civic Space working group

If you are unable to join you can still follow proceedings through a dedicated Twitter hashtag #CivSocDays17.

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