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A group of participants from Myanmar taking part in a training programme on women, peace and security.

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New training programme on women, peace and security

Updated: 22 May 2015

The first round of a training programme on women, peace and security is now underway, targeting participants from Myanmar who work with women's rights in conflict situations.

A total of 28 participants from Myanmar have been accepted to take part in the 18 months long training programme on UN resolution 1325: Women, Peace and Security, which is run by consultancy Indevelop and the Swedish organisation Kvinna till Kvinna, commissioned by Sida. The participants represent a wide range of civil society organisations and a few ministries that all have the advancement of women’s rights in conflict situations in common.

The participants are in Sweden for the first round of training 11-29 May, 2015. Already on day two there were lively discussions around the importance of Security Council resolution 1325 for Myanmar, and constructive input regarding the importance of including men in the work for increased gender equality in the country.

The participants are expected to work continuously with a project for change connected to their current work and the aim is to see results on organisational and sectoral levels. A second training programme will start in 2016.

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