Gender equality in focus on Stockholm Internet Forum

Updated: 13 May 2015

This year’s Stockholm Internet Forum (SIF), which is the fourth forum in the series, will take place on October 21st and 22nd at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm, hosted by Sida. The theme will be a multi-dimensional approach to “access”, with a special emphasis on gender equality issues.

Stockholm Internet Forum is an international forum for in-depth dialogue and discussions on how a free, open and secure internet promotes human rights and development worldwide.

“At Sida we are very proud to be the host of Stockholm Internet Forum as it has become one of the central platforms for a progressive debate on the future of our common internet”, says Sida’s Director-General Charlotte Petri Gornitzka.

The logotype of the Stockholm Internet Forum.The SIF 2015 theme will be approached in a multi-dimensional way. The aspects of access will be covered through discussions of issues related to economy, technology, policy and human rights – with a special emphasis on gender equality.

“It is high on our agenda to help contribute to solving the challenges related to access and gender inequality”, says Charlotte Petri Gornitzka. “But this is something that we need to do together globally, through a multistakeholder approach that is truly inclusive.”

Diverse group of participants

SIF has a standing tradition of focusing on the global south and half of the participants come from low-and middle-income countries, often from places where internet access is restricted and efforts to promote both internet freedom and human rights can be downright dangerous.

“This very practical way to facilitate a truly global debate is crucial to ensure that SIF is not “any other internet conference”, underlines Charlotte Petri Gornitzka. “It is rather a forum for serious debates, tough questions, and thinking outside the box.”

The SIF programme contains both on-stage panels and more interactive parts. Just as previous years, there will also be an “unconference” section – a concept in which participants are asked to participate in organizing and facilitating sessions.

More information about SIF 2015 will be published on the Sida website and on a designated SIF website. Please follow our Twitter accounts at @Sida and @fxinternet for the latest updates on programme changes and information on how to participate in SIF.

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