Flyktingar från Mali

Fatma Wallet Ibba, Asseytou Wallet Otkell and Makato Wallet Alhader are refugees from Mali, now living in a refugee camp in Burkina Faso. Sweden supports the refugees through UNHCR.

Photo: Sida / Susanna Wasielewski Ahlfors

Human Rights Based Approach at Sida

Thematic area briefs

Updated: 7 July 2015

The thematic area briefs aim at providing guidance and practical examples of how to apply a Human Rights Based Approach when assessing, planning, designing and monitoring programs in various thematic areas. For each theme there is a full version that provides in-depth knowledge and a summary version.

Education and Skills Development:

Education Summary
Full version 
Sida's work with Education
Sidas arbete med utbildning

Environment and Climate:

Environment Summary
Full version
Sida's work with Environment and Climate
Sidas arbete med miljö och klimat



Full version 
Sida's work with Health
Sidas arbete med hälsa

Market Development:  

Marknadsutveckling Summary
Full version
Sida's work with Market Development
Sidas arbete med marknadsutveckling

Peace Building:  

Fred och säkerhet Summary
Full version
Sida's work with Conflict resolution, Peace and Security
Sidas arbete med konfliktlösning, fred och säkerhet

Private Sector Collaboration:

Full version
Sida's work with Financing for development (soon to come)
Sidas arbete med utvecklingsfinansiering


Full version
Sida's work with Research Cooperation
Sidas stöd till forskning

Sustainable Rural Livelihoods Systems:

Jordbruk Summary
Full version
Sida's work with Agriculture and Food Security
Sidas arbete med lantbruk och livsmedelsäkerhet

Water and Sanitation: 

Vatten och sanitiet Summary
Full version
Sida's work with Water and Sanitation
Sidas arbete med vatten och sanitet

Democratic Governance: 

Demokrati (No summary)
Full version
Sida's work with Democracy and Human Rights
Sidas arbete med demokrati och mänskliga rättigheter

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