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Methods and Tools

Green Toolbox

Updated: 23 February 2018

Welcome to Sida's Green Toolbox. It contains a selection of key documents that support the integration of the environment and climate change perspective in Sida's operations in all sectors. 


The tools are meant to facilitate the implementation of the environment and climate change perspective in concrete work.

Introduction to Environment and Climate Change Integration
Guidelines for Screening prior to an Environmental Assessment
Guidelines for a Simplified Environmental Assessment
Guidelines to Appraise a Simplified Environmental Assessment
Dialogue Questions for a Green Economy

Thematic briefs

The thematic briefs highlight areas of special interest for environment in development cooperation.

Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Agenda 2030
Urban Development and Biodiversity
Pesticides in Agriculture
Climate Smart Agriculture
Chemicals and Hazardous Waste
Human Rights, Biodiversity and Ecosystems
Green Economy - Why, What and How?
Climate change and conflict risks

Thematic overviews and In-depth Guides

The thematic overviews and in-depth guides go deeper and elaborate on areas of particular priority:

Supporting access to climate finance
Guide: Towards Green Climate Fund Accreditation and Support
Guide: Integrating Climate Action into National Development Planning – Coherent Implementation of the Paris Agreement and Agenda 2030
Working Paper: The relationship between climate change and violent conflict

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