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The Sweden Logotype for promotion

Updated: 5 September 2017

When Sweden finances a development project within Swedish development cooperation that turns to a foreign audience, then the Sweden logotype for promotion shall be used. Through the logotype and the so called ‘Brand Sweden’, we increase the visibility for Sweden and Swedish development aid and so give more opportunities for openness and accountability.

Instructions for how the ‘Brand Sweden’ identity shall be used can be found on Sweden logotypes in various languages can also be found for download there. Templates (invitations, folders, posters etc.) in the layout program InDesign can be downloaded from

The Sweden logotype for promotion can be used in combination with Sida’s logotype, Swedish partners’ and the Swedish embassy’s logotype in accordance with a given hierarchy. Along with other, non-Swedish actors, the Sweden Logotype is used when the target group is the citizens of the partner country.

The Sweden logotype for promotion shall be used:

  • for development cooperation projects financed by Sweden,
  • when other donors’ logotypes are used, and the target group is the citizens in the partner country,
  • by Swedish actors (civil society organisations, authorities, academia, trade and industry) when it comes to contributions that are entirely or partly financed by the Swedish government, alone or in combination with the own logotype.

Whenever the logotype is used on the material of other stakeholders, whether printed or electronic, the role of Sweden in the specific context should be clear. If the context is not self-explanatory an additional text on Sweden's role should be included.

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