Slumområde i en central del av en storstad där SDI arbetar för hållbar urban utveckling.

Inequality increases polarization, limits democracy and economic growth, according to the UN Research Institute for Social Development, UNRISD. Economic redistribution, decreasing education divides, and well-managed finances, are part of the solution, according to UNU-WIDER. Sweden supports both of these UN research institutions on social science. 

Photo: SDI

what we support

Global and regional research

Updated: 30 September 2015

Sida contributes to global development through its support to international research organisations. 

These organisations operate on many different levels and cooperate with a whole range of different actors. Thus, support is directed to a multifaceted research system which contributes to knowledge-driven development on research themes such as health, agriculture, social science and the basic sciences. Sida also supports regional cooperation in Africa and Asia to strengthen research networks and the production of research of particular relevance to a certain region.

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