Felix A. Chami

Felix A. Chami, Professor at the University of Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, shows a bowl that was produced some 2000 years ago by early bantu civilizations.

Photo: Rob Beechey

Research Cooperation

Guidelines for partners

Updated: 14 February 2018

The guidelines for partners detail how Sida's research cooperation is set up - from application to evaluation.

Guidelines for national research systems

Higher education and research are important for poverty reduction and sustainable development. A nation's successful global participation and economic sustainability depend on the capacity to create, adopt, adapt, and apply knowledge.

Sida supports research capacity building mainly through bilateral cooperation between selected partner countries and Sweden. There are currently ongoing programmes in Bolivia, Cambodia, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Guidelines for partners: Sida's support to national research systems

The guidelines refer to the following documents in the Research Training Partnership Programme (RTPP). Only invited organisations may apply.

RTPP instruction for concept note for universities

RTPP instruction for letters of intent

RTPP instruction for full proposals

Swedish universities participating in RTPP projects need to perform an annual audit, usually referring to the following Terms of Reference.

Uppdragsbeskrivning för revision (in Swedish only)

Guidelines for research organisations

Sida's cooperation with research organisations aims at creating a network of researchers within regions with similar challenges. The support includes a broad range of research areas that encompass health, social sciences, technology, natural sciences and innovation.

Guidelines for partners: Sida's support to research organisations

Guidelines for results-based management

Sida's research cooperation is evaluated through a results-based system – starting with planning following through application, annual reporting, monitoring all the way to the final evaluation of the project.

Handbook for results-based management for Sida research cooperation

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