Barns rätt tioll hälsa och utbildning är ett viktigt fokus för stödet till civilsamhälleorganisationer. Lilla Qaali i SOmalia är en av många barn som får hjälp genom Oxfam, en internationell organisation som får del av Sidas stöd.

Oxfam is one organisation that has applied to enter into strategic partnership with Sida. Little Qaali is one of many children who has received access to care through Oxfam's work in Somalia.

Photo: Geno Teofilo/Oxfam, Creative Commons

About cooperation with civil society

Support to humanitarian aid through civil society

Updated: 23 May 2014

The overall objective of Sida's support to humanitarian actors is to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain human dignity in disasters and armed conflicts. Civil society organisations are one of the humanitarian actors and the support for their humanitarian work in 2011 amounted to approximately 3 billion SEK.

Sida enters into strategic partnership agreements with a number of Swedish and international civil society organisations. As strategic partner organisations, they receive funding for humanitarian and conflict-related activities, and they carry out the activities under their own initiative and responsibility. The cooperation between Sida and the organisations lasts for several years. Sida’s decision to enter into cooperation agreements is based on an assessment conducted with specific criteria.

This system with strategic partners and multi-year contracts is new since 2011. Sida has not yet taken any decisions on which civil society organisations are to become strategic partner organisations as the selection process is on-going.

Read more about how to apply to enter into partnership for humanitarían aid.

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