"When given the right tools, people can solve their own problems" - Munya Dodo

Photo Kerstin Becker/Sida

Kenyan man in front of his cows and with a quotation printed on the photo.

Photo Nyokabi Kahura

A smiling woman outside her house with a uotation printed on the photo.

Photo Nyokabi Kahura

Photo Africa Interactive

Maesha Ngendo a refugee in Hombo

Photo Ramon Sanchez Orense

People First - With power to change

Photo Viktoria Isaksson

People First

Updated: 2 April 2015

At the center of all the activities carried out by and supported by Sida we find people fighting for a better life - free from poverty and oppression. Here you will meet some of them and their stories.

Letting those who are reached by the Swedish development cooperation share their own stories is a way for Sida to communicate the results from our cooperation around the world. In our series "People First" we have gathered stories about individuals who have changed their lives by participating in projects supported by the Swedish development cooperation. Their stories are also listed as “A sample of results” under each partner country found under “Where we work”.

Other kinds of results communication

On the page Reporting and results, you can read more about how Sida works with results. Here you can also download our portfolio analysis. They provide an overview of how Sida works within a particular field, and how the money is distributed in that area.

In Open Aid you can follow the entire aid chain – from the preparation of aid interventions, via the decisions and reports to the final evaluation of results.

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