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Ongoing humanitarian crises

Updated: 25 July 2017

Never before have so many people been in need of humanitarian assistance. Humanitarian need continues to increase – primarily due to protracted armed conflicts, but also due to natural disasters. 65 million people, half of which are children, are displaced from their homes. By 2017 Sida has identified 16 major humanitarian crises where over 128 million people are in the need of humanitarian assistance. Over 1.8 million SEK will be allocated to these crises during 2017. 


Below we list the crises and disasters in the world that receive humanitarian aid channelled through Sida. You will find a link to an article on the work of Sida in each country, as well as pdf files with humanitarian crisis analysis. The list is not complete and the information from some countries will soon be updated.

Sida's humanitarian crises analyses are carried out every year before the allocation of the humanitarian aid is decided. The crises analyses describe the current state of the crisis, assess the humanitarian needs, and identify the priorities of Sida and its cooperation partners in the region.

Sahel (Cameroon, Mali, Niger, Chad)
Crisis Analysis Sahel 2017
Crisis Analysis 2016 
Our work in Burkina Faso
Our work in Mali

Crisis Analysis Syria 2017
Crisis Analysis Syria 2016
Our work in the Middle East and North Africa
Our humanitarian support in Syria

DR Congo
Crisis Analysis DR Congo 2017
Crisis Analysis DR Congo 2016
Our work in DR Congo

South Sudan
Crisis Analysis South Sudan 2017
Crisis Analysis South Sudan 2016
Our work in South Sudan

Crisis Analysis Afghanistan 2017
Crisis Analysis Afghanistan 2016
Our work in Afghanistan

Crisis Analysis Somalia 2017
Crisis Analysis Somalia 2016
Our work in Somalia

Crisis Analysis Yemen 2017
Crisis Analysis Yemen 2016

Our work in the Middle East and North Africa

Crisis Analysis Palestine 2017
Crisis Analysis Palestine 2016
Our work in Palestine

Crisis Analysis Sudan 2017
Crisis Analysis Sudan 2016
Our work in Sudan

Central African Republic
Crisis Analysis CAR 2017
Crisis Analysis CAR 2016
Our humanitarian support in CAR

Myanmar (Burma)
Crisis Analysis Myanmar 2017
Crisis Analysis Myanmar 2016
Our work in Myanmar

Crisis Analysis Iraq 2017
Crisis Analysis Iraq 2016
Our work in Iraq

Crisis Analysis Pakistan 2017
Crisis Analysis Pakistan 2016

Crisis Analysis Ethiopia 2017
Crisis Analysis Ethiopia 2016

Our work in Ethiopia

Crisis Analysis Ukraine 2017
Crisis Analysis Ukraine 2016

Our work in Ukraine

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