Examples of Sida support to combat HIV/AIDS

Updated: 9 April 2015

Swedish Related Companies invest in sustainable HIV/AIDS programs

The Swedish Workplace HIV AIDS Programme (SWHAP) was launched in 2004 by the International Council of Swedish Industry and the Swedish Industrial and Metalworkers' Union. The objective is to develop occupational health services and reduce the risk of HIV/AIDS. After starting in South Africa, the program has spread to Swedish-related companies and trade unions in Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania, Uganda, Kenya, Namibia, DR Congo and Rwanda. See the above video about the program.


The past decade has seen intense efforts to reduce the risk of mother to child transmission of HIV by using antiretroviral drugs. The treatment of the mother used to end when the baby was born, however, to be resumedonly if she became pregnant again.

Now Sida supports the work done by UNICEF together with health ministries in several African countries to change the practice so that HIV positive mothers receive lifelong treatment with antiretroviral drugs, saving the lives of both children and women.

"This way antenatal care facilities can be used as an entry point for giving women treatment", says Francis Mangani at Sida's Regional HIV/AIDS Team in Zambia.

Clinton Health Access Initiative

While an increasing number of people receive antiretroviral drugs, there are still millions of people that lack access to treatment. Introducing universal health care and treating more HIV patients while also preventing new infections will require large resources. This is why Sida supports the Clinton Health Access Initiative that works together with eight African countries to develop strategies for long-term and sustainable funding of their health care.

"These countries broaden their revenue base and look into how to utilize some of their economic growth to provide better healthcare. Although tax funding will continue to be the largest source of income they also look at other options such as health insurances and excise taxes on for example alcohol and tobacco", says Adam Lagerstedt who is responsible for the support at the HIV/AIDS team in Zambia.

The program also works to improve accounting and performance management to ensure that the money is used efficiently and providing real benefits.

Population Service International (PSI)

Sida supports the organization Population Services International (PSI) that works to stop the spread of HIV with a particular focus on Botswana, Lesotho, South Africa and Swaziland. PSI includes both a commercial and a non-profit section. The non-profit work includes HIV testing, counselling, voluntary male circumcision and handing out free condoms. These activities are financed through the commercial section that sells condoms to those who can afford to buy them.

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