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Sida evaluation

Updated: 2 March 2016

Evaluation helps Sida to assess the quality of development co-operation, ensure that results are achieved and to promote learning. Swedish development assistance and the work of Sida is evaluated both externally and internally.

Sidas strategic evaluations 

Sida's Unit for Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) commissions independent evaluations assessing Sida financed development co-operation. Sida uses these evaluations as a tool for decision making and learning. These are called strategic evaluations and are often thematic and large-scale.

Sida's decentralised evaluations

Sida departments, units, as well as the foreign missions evaluate the development assistance efforts within their respective area of responsibility. These evaluations are called Decentralised evaluations and are published electronically at Sida's publication database.

External evaluations of Sida's work and of Swedish development cooperation

The Swedish National Audit Office (Riksrevisionen) and the Swedish Agency for Public Management (Statskontoret) conduct external and independent evaluations of Sida's work.

Management response

Sida has had a management response system in place since 1999. This system requires that Sida responds to and in cases acts on the results and recommendations the evaluations produce.

Sida's evaluation manual

Looking Back, Moving Forward (pdf) is Sidas's evaluation manual from 2007. At Sida it is used as a complement to an internal process description for commissioning evaluations.

Glossary of Key Terms in Evaluation and Results Based Management

This Glossary (pdf) was originally produced by the Network on Development Evaluation, a subsidiary body of the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) at the OECD and represents the core of a common international vocabulary for evaluation and results based management in development cooperation. This is an updated version, developed by Sida in collaboration with OECD/DAC.

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