Bild från projektet Capacity Development Partnership Fund som Sida finansierar med EU och UNICEF som stöttar ministeriet och sektorns kompetensutveckling.

Photo: Kristina Boman


Support to capacity development

Updated: 23 February 2018

Capacity development is a basic objective of aid and an essential element for its sustainability. A thorough understanding of context, priorities and capacity needs at all levels is necessary for successful programmes. Specific attention to capacity development in all project phases is necessary for development results. Capacity development should be integrated into all types of aid programmes.

These are some of the highlights of an evaluation of donor support to capacity development conducted jointly by Sida, Danida and Norad. Three separate reports were produced based on the portfolio of each agency, later summarised in a joint synthesis report delivered in the fall of 2016. The aims of this evaluation were to assess the capacity results of donor-supported interventions and to inform the design of future capacity development programmes. The Sida evaluation included the analysis of documentation from 29 projects, followed by country-studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Cambodia and Kenya, and focused on capacity development in public sector organisations.”

Read the brief of the Swedish evaluation

Read the brief of the Joint Scandinavian evaluation


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