Parlamentariker från Vietnam på studiebesök i Sverige och Finland för att diskutera bland annat jämställdhetsfrågor.

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Pre-Study on Parliamentary Development Assistance

Updated: 23 February 2018

Parliaments sit at the centre of democratic political systems, but they remain weak and widely mistrusted. It is a crucial question for actors involved in democracy support to help them become more effective. This Evaluation Pre-Study, Mind the Gap: Lessons Learnt and Remaining Challenges in Parliamentary Development Assistance- looks at how – and how well – the international community supports parliaments.

The report provides a review of the state of knowledge in the field and identifies knowledge gaps and key lessons. Some of the lessons include:

- Use in-depth political economy analysis to ensure that programmes are appropriate to context.

- Be realistic about what can be achieved given the political economy of parliaments and the scale and timeframes of parliamentary development support

- Base assistance on long-term commitments to partners

- Treat parliaments as part of the broader political system and integrate support with other areas of assistance

The report makes recommendations about how donors and implementing agencies can address important constraints on more effective parliamentary development assistance.

To learn more, read the brief that distils the key messages from the full report.

Read the brief 

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