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Joint Evaluation of Support to Civil Society Engagement in Policy Dialogue

Updated: 23 February 2018

Civil society organisations (CSOs) can have a vital role in the formulation, implementation and follow-up of policy. Donors need to understand and accommodate the complex dynamics of dialogue processes as well as to support an enabling environment for CSO policy engagement. Better financial instruments to support CSOs, as well as instruments to assess civil society policy dialogue engagement are also needed.

This is highlighted in an evaluation of how CSOs pursue their policy dialogue and of how this in turn is supported by Donors. The evaluation is based on cases studied in Bangladesh, Mozambique and Uganda. The main purpose of the evaluation was to gain a better understanding of how to support CSOs in their policy work, but also to provide useful lessons to the CSOs themselves.

The evaluation was initiated by the Donor Group on Civil Society and Aid Effectiveness where the three donor partners of ADA (Austria), Sida (Sweden), and Danida (Denmark) commissioned the evaluation on behalf of a broader group of bilateral donor partners which also contributed to the evaluation by forming an international Reference Group.

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