Moçambique: Sedan två år tillbaka löper elkablarna i luften längs med vägen i byn. Med svenska biståndspengar pågår sedan många år ett elektrifieringsprojekt där mindre byar och orter i regionerna Sofala, Manica och Tete får elektricitet framdragen.

Photo: Klas Palm


Evaluation of Sida Financed Interventions for Increased Access to Electricity for Poor People

Updated: 23 February 2018

Electrification interventions are necessary for development, and benefit not only households connected to the grid but the wider community as well. Electrification is, however, usually not sufficient, but needs to be seen as part of a larger effort to develop an area or region through an area-based multi-sectorial approach. These are the two main conclusions from the evaluation of Sida financed interventions for increased access to electricity for poor people, using case study fieldwork from Tanzania and Mozambique, as well as a review of global experiences.

The evaluation was commissioned to give input to further improvements of Swedish development cooperation in the energy sector and covers the period 2000-2012. It presents conclusions and lessons in respect to what works, under what circumstances and why, to promote poor people’s access to electricity and thereby contributing to better living conditions.

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