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Partner Driven Cooperation

Updated: 30 June 2015

Partner Driven Cooperation is a method for development aid that is based on mutual interests for cooperation. The idea is that PDC between Swedish partners and the partners in one of Sida’s seven selective countries will stimulate sustainable relations, which in the long term can contribute to poverty alleviation.

Increasingly more countries are able to manage without traditional development aid and want to develop through building new relations. Sida hence invests more and more in stimulating relations between Swedish and foreign parties that builds on mutual interests and shared responsibility, and has the possibility of leading to long-term, self-sustaining relations.

Sida has for a long time worked in different ways to stimulate cooperation between Swedish entities and their counterparts in partner countries, but on a smaller scale. The intention of partner driven cooperation is to encourage actors to work together and throguht them catalyze sustaining relations between countries. Examples of actors eligible for PDC is authorities, trade unions, private companies, NGO’s, Universities, local governments, cultural institutions and scientists.

Until December 2013 Sida has prioritized seven countries for partner driven cooperation that are called the selective cooperation countries and include Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, Namibia, Botswana and South Africa. The bilateral cooperation strategies with these countries come to an end in December 2013, when all projects will be finalized.

Partner driven cooperation can is some cases also be applicable in other countries, on a smaller scale, in parallel with the traditional development cooperation.

The purpose of Partner Driven Cooperation is to establish sustainable relationships of mutual interest between Swedish and foreign actors. Effectively, this means that an actor in Sweden and an actor in the partner country initiate a partnership that falls within the framework of the strategic goals that are set for the country.  The country strategies can be found under the description of Sida's work in each country

The cooperation shall be characterized by shared ownership and responsibility, both administratively and financially. A key aspect of PDC is that both parties find a mutual benefit and interest in cooperating. The cooperation is meant to be self-supporting in the long term, and the support given by Sida should be time limited and catalytic. The goal of this type of development aid is to create three winners and stimulate a "win-win-win" situation. The winners will eventually be people in poor conditions, actors in the partner countries and actors in Sweden

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