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Updated: 7 April 2015

Results is a collective term for performance and impact. Whether the results are good or bad, they can only be compiled by systematic monitoring and evaluation. In the website, you can follow Swedish development aid initiatives. is a website were all Swedish official development aid is open and collected in one place. is available in both Swedish and English. 

Open Aid is also the name of the Swedish government's efforts to adapt the Swedish cooperative development to today's realities, and the opportunities that globalization and technological developments create. The goal is to combat poverty as effectively as possible. To achieve this goal, aid has to be open to public control and ideas from more sources. 

As part of the Open Aid initiative, a transparency guarantee has been added. The guarantee means that public documentation and information about Swedish aid are actively made available on the Web. In the Open Aid database, you therefore can follow the entire chain of official Swedish development assistance from the preparation of aid efforts, through decisions and reports to evaluations undertaken. is an online information service for Swedish development assistance based on open government data.

Managing for results 

Sweden's strategies for development assistance are focused on results, with the partner country's objectives and results framework as a starting point. As a signatory to the Paris Declaration on improving aid effectiveness, Sweden has committed itself to work for improved results-based management in Sweden's partner countries.

The government monitors the results of development assistance each year. It includes Sida's report - a special annex to the annual report - along with other forms of aid. 

Results reporting and Sida's role

The results achieved are measured at different levels. At programme- or project level concrete results can often be identified, while measuring the results on a global scale, for example in a whole country or globally, is more complicated as the Swedish contributions often occur in conjunction with other donors.

Sida's role in development cooperation is mainly as a financier. It is the  partners’ role to be  responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring activities according to their own systems.

Sweden has commissioned UNU-WIDER, which is part of the UN University, to gather facts about what kind of assistance that works. The research programme known as Recom (Reseach and Communication on International Aid) publish their reports regularly on their website.

Describing various interventions carried out is one way to show results. Here is a list of all programmes and projects described on our website.

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