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Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 14 October 2016

We have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions that we receive.

1. About scholarships and funding for individuals

I’m a student. Can I apply for financial support from Sida for studies in Sweden?
Sida does not provide financial support to foreign students, even if you have been admitted to a Swedish university or a university in another country. For further information, please see

Where can I find information on higher education studies in Sweden?
For information about higher education studies in Sweden and how to study here, visit the Study in Sweden website. This website has information on Sweden’s universities as well as practical facts concerning application procedures, scholarships, visas, accommodation and information for learning Swedish as a foreign language.

I will be attending a conference in Sweden. Can I apply for financial support?
Sida does not provide financial support to individuals for attending conferences or related travel expenses.

Can I receive personal financial support from Sida?
Sida does not provide financial support to individuals applying for personal support due to private needs such as health care, medication etc.

I’m about to start an international aid project. Can I apply for financial support?
Sida does not provide financial support to individuals for starting a private project. If you represent the private or public sector, an NGO or a research institution - we have all information on how to contact us under the section For partners.

What courses does Sida offer?
Sida’s International Training Programmes (ITP) are designed for experienced executives in middle- and top management positions in their respective organisations, and are open to candidates from most low- and middle income countries. More information about our International Training Programmes (ITP) is available here.  If you are interested in applying for a training programme, it is recommended that you take part of the detailed information in the programme brochure for that particular programme. This brochure lists the eligible countries and gives a more in-depth description of the candidate profile for that particular training programme. Our programme catalogue.

Sida’s Partnership Forum Courses (SPF) offers courses for Swedish actors and their partners in development and humanitarian action. These actors include the private sector, the public sector (state authorities, municipalities, county councils and regional governments), researchers and civil society. Participants are selected by the course management. Find further information about their activities and frequently asked questions here.

Can I apply for volunteer work through Sida?
Sida does not offer any volunteer work. However, both Swedish and foreign organisations offer volunteer work for young people; including Internationella Arbetslag (the Swedish branch of Service Civil International), Individuell Människohjälp (a Swedish aid organisation) and the AFS Intercultural Programmes. These programmes are open to everyone.

Can I apply for a traineeship at Sida?
Sida offers trainee posts  at the agency in Sweden when the need arises and when it is possible. Sida does not offer trainee posts at foreign missions. The trainee must be enrolled as a student at a Swedish university/university college. The traineeship must be part of the institute's regular programmes.

I would like to apply for a job at Sida. How do I apply?
We advertise our vacancies on our Swedish website, in newspapers and at job centres in Sweden. Most positions require good knowledge of Swedish (written and spoken), as well as a Swedish citizenship or residence permit. See also information about Working at Sida

Can I write essays for Sida?
Unfortunately, we do not have any function that coordinates this type of offers/inquiries from students. In principle, we procure our services in accordance with the Public Procurement Act. Therefore, you will have to contact Sida’s departments yourself, if you believe that they might be interested in your competency/qualifications. Contact Sida 

2. About Funding for NGOs

My organisation would like to apply for grants from Sida. How do we apply?
International CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and non-Swedish civil society groups cannot apply for grants directly from Sida. Sweden’s support to CSOs in development countries is channelled through Sida’s 15 framework organizations. A non-Swedish CSO interested in entering into a partnership with a Swedish CSO should contact one of them.

3. About funding for researchers

I'm a researcher. Can I apply for grants from Sida?
Sida does not provide bursaries/stipends/grants to individual students or researchers. All support of this type is distributed through programmes established in cooperation with the countries’ own universities and development programmes.

 I work for a Swedish university/university college/research institute. Can I apply for funding from Sida?
If you work at a Swedish university, university college or other research institute in Sweden, you may apply for research funding through Sida's Programme for Development Research. This programme requires that applications are sent through Sida’s web-based application system. Sida does not offer scholarships to researchers who are not associated with a Swedish research institute. Sida’s bilateral research cooperation is extensive and encompasses programmes for student stipends, both at Master’s and PhD level. In order to access these programmes, you will have to contact your own university.

What types of funding can my institute apply for from Sida?
Instead of providing financial support to individuals, Sida primarily supports universities or research institutes in selected countries. We are currently prioritising Bolivia, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, Mozambique, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. The main recipients of support include research organisations, universities and research institutes in partner countries, regional research networks and international research programmes. Contact the Secretariat for Research Cooperation if you meet these requirements. Researchers applying for research support should do so in their country of residence.

More information on how to apply for research support, and the qualifications needed. 

 4. About funding for businesses

What type of grants can my company apply for from Sida?
Sida offers collaboration opportunities for companies.

My company would like to collaborate with Sida. How do we proceed?
Sida provides a number of possible routes for dialogue and collaboration. Some are at the development stage, and others are almost ready to be launched. More information here.

I have a product that I want to develop. Can I seek funding for this?
Check out our Challenge funds.

5. Other questions

I’m interested in a particular country. Where can I find information on Sida’s activities in this country?
We account for our activities in many ways. You could start by finding the country on our website, under the header Where we work  In addition, there are two documents that describe our work in the various countries in more detail; our cooperation strategies and the annual reports written by the ambassadors. These strategies are decided by the Government and are published on the Government website.  Reports and evaluations can be found in Sida’s publication database. In this database, you will find publications from the last ten years, published by Sida.

What projects is Sida currently working on? 
Visit  which is a web-based information service about Swedish aid built on open government data. Public documentation and information about Swedish aid are actively made available on the Web. It is based on data at the activity level of individual aid contributions. Furthermore, we have independent evaluators who review our activities on an ongoing basis. These evaluations are published in Sida's publication database. Sida funded projects run by Swedish framework organisations and their development partners can be searched in the NGO database.

How much does Sweden spend on foreign aid each year?
Under the header Budget  you can find information on Sweden’s total annual foreign aid budget, and on the funds distributed by Sida. The OECD’s Development Assistance Committee (DAC) has statistics on the flow of international aid. The development of international aid during the last ten years, as well as statistics on Sweden’s foreign aid, can be found for all countries and for all the years that they have received aid from Sweden.

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