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Innovations Against Poverty

Published: 16 February 2011 Updated: 16 July 2014

Innovations Against Poverty is designed for companies which are based or operate in a poor country. The programme functions as a risk sharing mechanism for sustainable business ventures (commercial companies or market oriented organisations) which have a strong potential to reduce poverty.

First, the programme focuses on smaller organisations which have a wealth of good ideas with great potential, but need the support of their business strategy and resources to penetrate new markets. Second, Innovations Against Poverty also seeks to work with larger companies, to help support the development of “inclusive business” models for these markets, which expands opportunities for the poor and disadvantaged in developing countries. Such business models can engage the poor as employees, suppliers, distributors and consumers.

Companies can be active in all sectors where innovation leads to poverty reduction, from agriculture and infrastructure to health and education. The only exceptions are companies involved in arms, tobacco and gambling industries.

Reporting results

The results from each participating company will be tracked and reported. This also offers an opportunity for an exchange between companies and between business practioners.


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