The Diversion Program in Kenya

S.K. Rutere, C.M. Kiura
Serier – Sida Decentralised Evaluations (Sida Review)Description:
Sida Review 2009:21 / The Diversion Program in Kenya was established in order to protect chilrden from inappropriate institutionalisation and demonstrate a viable alternative to custodial care. It's main aim is to ensure that children in conflict with the law and other categiries of marginalized children are better protected against abuse and rehabilitaded and integrated back into the community. The project was implementet in the phase since January 2001 and expanded to 14 program areas. The Diversion Program was supported by funding from Swedish International Development Agency (Sida) and Oak Foundation. Save the Chrildren Sweden provided technical support and programme implementaion advice and disbursed funds to the program partners.pages:60