2007:5 A year of Turmoil: Timor-Leste 2006-2007

Mats Lundahl, Fredrik Sjöholm
Serier – Country Economic ReportDescription:
Country Economic Report 2007:5 / This country economic report reviews the economic development of Timor-Leste during 2006 and early 2007. Apart from an update of the macroeconomic development, the study provides a more in-depth analysis of two main challenges facing the country: development of the agricultural sector and weaknesses in the field of governance. It gives a detailed account of the political turmoil building up to elections in April 2007.
The study is part of a series of country studies, undertaken by Sida in collaboration with academic institutions and scholars. The main purpose of these studies is to make a contribution to the generation of knowledge and understanding of current development challenges in Sweden's main partner countries for development cooperation and feed into national and international debate on these issues.